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Cheap Motorcycle Tyres

Back to basics and all that. We decided to refocus on what we have always been best at, your essential service parts, tyres, pads, chains and sprockets, you know how it is. Though we could probably be convinced to supply more exotic fare if you give us a bell.

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How to choose a replacement tyre:

The chart below shows a good range of tyres from the big manufacturers, click on each tyre listed under the type of riding which best describes how you use your bike and read up. If you know the model of tyre you want then just use the tyre search above.

Motorcycle Tyre Guide metzeler slicks racetec sportec M3 M5 interact sportec M1 roadtec Z6 Z8 interact tourance diablo corsa BSB rosso corsa diablo rosso angel ST diablo strada scorpion sync gp racer gp racer qualifier 2 sportsmart roadsmart qualifier trailmax anakee 2 power race pilot power 2ct pilot power pilot road 2 anakee 2 anakee 2 bt45 bridgestone slick bt003 pro bt016 bt016 bt014 bt023 bt021 bt021 battlewing trailwing raceattackcomp raceattack sportattack roadattack tkc80 trailAttack contimotion roadRider vpXtreme vpXtreme vp2supersport vp2 stormUltra2 stormUltra2 distanzia

You do not need to replace your motorcycle tyres with the same tyres which came fitted as standard. Bridgestone tyres are a very popular choice with motorcycle manufacturers and make some very good motorcycle tyres but they are usually not cheap.

Look at tyres by each manufacturer, they all have a range of tyres to cover the same types of riding - track day, street, touring. You will usually find something better suited and may be cheaper too.

Consider the type of riding you do, there is no such thing as 'the best tyre', different tyres are made for different purposes from track day racing to high milage touring. Remember that usually the more grip a tyre gives the less milage you will get from it.

We have listed above the most popular tyres from the major manufacturers, there should be a good choice for most modern sports bikes and sports tourers, for other tyres please use the search facility at the top of this page.